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Morning Coffee on the Terrace

Close Your Eyes

Imagine sitting at a quaint outdoor café, in the heart of the inner city.  Smells of fresh baked breads, piping hot coffee, and gourmet bites flow from the kitchen and barista bar where all the magic happens.  


The calm of a varying dialogue fills the air as guests make themselves comfortable indoors or at outdoor place settings which slowly fill with breakfast and brunch plates, foamy mugs and mimosa filled glassware.  


During the summer, umbrellas provide shade for street views, while heat towers and lap blankets allow for comfortable dining on cool winter days.  


The perfect place to meet and greet visitors and colleagues, hold business meetings, find a place to relax, work or complete a pressing mid-term. 


Reminiscent of the German, French and Italian cafés and bakeries we’ve experienced during our combined 36 years as residents of Nuremberg, Cologne and various other cities in what has become our second home.   


With Sweet Connie’s Café+ our goal is to give you, our customers, the experience of a peaceful atmosphere, completely surrounded by the ingredients used in approximately 60% of our dishes, another 15 to 20 percent which are grown in local private gardens throughout Milwaukee.  Giving us the best in ingredients.  Our proof to you that health and the origin of our ingredients are a priority, not just an option.


Exceptional food options for dine-in, pickup or delivery.  A friendly place always offering a smile with our very own herb garden flare.  


We are your newest Milwaukee staple and the perfect place for breakfast, brunch, lunch and more.  We are...


Sweet Connie’s Café+

~ Home of the smiling chef ~

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